Why has it been so long since ReelCast has been released?  Well, there are a few reasons.  My computer was stolen out of my car via broken window two weeks ago and before that I was fresh out of time.  However, shows will be continuing on Thursday when I get my new computer.  It’ll be one of the first things I do.  It will include a June Allyson tribute.  So that will be released on Thursday and then on Saturday or Sunday ReelCast will go as regularly scheduled.  Actually, I think I should bug our staff to see if anyone else wants to submit a June tribute.  That would be smart.

June Allyson

Unfortunately, we lost June Allyson on Saturday. She had been ill for quite some time and passed on at her home in Ojai, CA. If you would like to write up a little tribute to be posted on ReelJewels, you can either comment to this post or email me at paularidgeway@gmail.com.

ReelCast has been delayed due to technical difficulties in the last week or so, but it will come out soon with a tribute to June Allyson now that we know. It’ll be hard to do, but I’m going to do it for Junie.